Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Artist Relief- Virtual Live Art- Artist/Business Collaboration

Call to Artists
NMSAF Artist Relief- Virtual Live Art- Artist/Business Collaboration

 Artist is to perform on a live stream of a local business's social media platform to generate traffic to the business  and to also promote the artist.  The No More Starving Artists Foundation will finance the artist for the performance.  The artist will stream either through Facebook Live via Zoom or Instagram Live streaming through the business.

·         Venue:  Online 
·         Host: No More Starving Artists Foundation
·         Stipends: $150-$1000
·         Date of event: August 5-September 5, 2020
·         Deadline for submission:  July 30, 2020

·         Eligibility:
1.       Reside in Palm Beach County
2.       Must be a living professional artist
3.       Must be 18 years or older
4.       Open to:
·         Spoken word
·         Musician  (Soloist)
·         Singer (Soloist)
·         Live Painting or Drawing
·         Art tutorial
·         Dance
·         Band-Limited to 5 performers  (Not available at the moment)
5.       Must have a website or a social media platform devoted exclusively to your art discipline
6.       Must have both a Facebook and a Instagram accounts
7.       Must have a Zoom Account

·         Ineligibility:
1.       Resides out of the area
2.       Students
3.       Estates of representatives of deceased artists

How to submit:
Please send all contents via www.dropbox.com to nmsaf@atbfineartists.com ONLY. Any work not submitted in this format, will be disqualified.  Create a folder in Dropbox with your first and last name and put all your contents in your folder.
·         All artists must submit
1.       Head shot (JPEG). Images cannot be smaller than 150dpi-300dpi max.  1MB-3MB.
2.       Bio (Word Doc or PDF)
3.       Artist CV
·         Designated artists must provide content  based on their discipline
1.       All performance artist (spoken word poet, singer, dancer, and musician) must provide at list two YouTube or Vimeo URL’s showing performance.  Please provide your links in a Word Doc or PDF format.  Minimum performance per link: 2 minutes.
2.       Visual artist: Provide three images (JPEG). Images cannot be smaller than 150dpi-300dpi max.  1MB-3MB

If approved:
1.       Spoken word artist performance- 30mins  Stipend- $100
2.       Dancer- 30mins Stipend- $175
3.       Singer (soloist), Musician(soloist), Live painter,  Art Tutorial  1hr Stipend-$250
4.       Band (up to 5) (N/A)

*NMSAF asks that the artist to keep their performance content clean with limited to no profanity and no nudity. If the artist cannot agree to these terms, they will not receive their stipend for their performance. 

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