Friday, November 19, 2021

NMSAF Art AID 2021 Recipient, Lupe Lawrence


Having displayed my work at many successful exhibitions and received regional and international recognition, I am a seasonal artist who can present the world of nature freshly and uniquely through oils using my unique style.  My work allows the viewer to enter my paintings and immerse themselves into the spaces that I create.  

It is my greatest hope to continue to use my painting as a means of income, as well as to continue to influence young people to pursue their dreams of being an artist.

Due to the COVID-19 many of my public-school class have been canceled. The grant money will allow me the opportunity to rent studio space and supplies to continue my work and provide space to teach.

Some Exhibitions

                                Palm Beach Cultural Council                         West Palm Beach, Florida

                                Ft. Lauderdale Art Museum                           Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

                                Ann Norton Sculpture Garden                      West Palm Beach, Florida

                                Art of Sherlock Holmes                                     London, England

                                Collaboration by ATB Fine Art Group          West Palm Beach, Florida



     Town of Magnolia Park

City of Miami Beach

  Ft. Lauderdale Museum

     Figler Family Chiropractic

         Sheiler Law Practice     


Photos courtesy of Durga Garcia Studios, Bright Futures and Lupe Lawrence

For more information about Lupe Lawrence, please the information below.

561 452-1737

Her studio is at:

Zero Empty Spaces 

location #10

11300 Legacy Avenue, suite 140

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410


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