Wednesday, January 12, 2022

2021 NOT REAL ART Grant for Artists

 Apply To Receive the 2021 NOT REAL ART Grant for Artists 

Deadline May 1, 2021 
Submit your application at 




 Apply Here 

Tent for Sale

 Please contact Bernie Habicht. Read information below.



Friday, December 10, 2021

Call to Artists for T-shirt Design Contest **DEADLINE EXTENSION **


Call to Artists for T-shirt Design Contest for No More Starving Artists Foundation 

We are looking for a t-shirt design that represents what “no more starving artist” Could look like. This is not redesigning of the brand/logo. This is an opportunity to have a cool concept on a T-shirt and get Artist and supporters excited.


·         Fee: No charge

·         Host:  NMSAF Art AID

·         Managed by: ATB Fine Art Group Inc.

·         Call opens  December 10, 2021

·         Deadline for submission:  January 30, 2022 11:59PM

·         Prize: $500.00

·         Winner Announcement: TBA

·          Eligibility:

1.      Must reside in Palm Beach County ONLY

2.      Must be 18 years or older

3.      Open to professional artists/designers

4.      All artists must submit the following:

·         Only one design submission per artist

·         If the art is created by a company, the company must be owned and controlled by the artist in which the design is solely created by

·         An original piece of art created solely by the artist submitting.

·         Artist must use the official logo within the t-shirt design.

5.      Winning artist must :

·         Provide the chosen design in both a jpeg & png format

·         Understand that this design will be the property of the NMSAF. The artist can show the image for promotion/portfolio/résumé purposes only however they cannot sell or reuse that same image/ image for any other future projects.

·         Will be required to fill out a 1099 IRS Form

·         Agree to the transfer of rights to work contract that will be provided

6.      All artists must submit the following:

a)      Updated CV/resume (Word doc or PDF format ONLY) no more than 2 pages

b)      Updated  Bio (Word doc or PDF format ONLY) no more than 2 pages

c)      Images/content of work that produced by artist.   Maximum of one image design

d)     All images must be in JPEG format. Name your images YOUR LAST NAME_TSHIRT. Images cannot be smaller than 150 – 300 dpi or maximum of 1 – 3 MB.   only. to


e)      HOW TO APPLY

                              Please follow the detailed instructions below:

·           Log in to your account at

·           Click Create

·           Click Folder

·           Name your folder YOUR First & Last Name and T-shirt Design ( Example:  Joe Smith t-shirt design)

·           You will see two choices for “who can access”.  Click SPECIFIC PEOPLE

·           Click Next

·           Type to

·           Keep  “ CAN EDIT”

·           Add the message. YOUR NAME  applying for T-shirt design contest

·           Click share

·           The folder should now be in your dashboard.

·           Click the folder

·           Click the button that says UPLOAD

·           Click files

·           Proceed to upload all your content into the folder


Friday, November 19, 2021

NMSAF Art AID 2021 Recipient, Lupe Lawrence


Having displayed my work at many successful exhibitions and received regional and international recognition, I am a seasonal artist who can present the world of nature freshly and uniquely through oils using my unique style.  My work allows the viewer to enter my paintings and immerse themselves into the spaces that I create.  

It is my greatest hope to continue to use my painting as a means of income, as well as to continue to influence young people to pursue their dreams of being an artist.

Due to the COVID-19 many of my public-school class have been canceled. The grant money will allow me the opportunity to rent studio space and supplies to continue my work and provide space to teach.

Some Exhibitions

                                Palm Beach Cultural Council                         West Palm Beach, Florida

                                Ft. Lauderdale Art Museum                           Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

                                Ann Norton Sculpture Garden                      West Palm Beach, Florida

                                Art of Sherlock Holmes                                     London, England

                                Collaboration by ATB Fine Art Group          West Palm Beach, Florida



     Town of Magnolia Park

City of Miami Beach

  Ft. Lauderdale Museum

     Figler Family Chiropractic

         Sheiler Law Practice     


Photos courtesy of Durga Garcia Studios, Bright Futures and Lupe Lawrence

For more information about Lupe Lawrence, please the information below.

561 452-1737

Her studio is at:

Zero Empty Spaces 

location #10

11300 Legacy Avenue, suite 140

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410


Thursday, November 18, 2021

Call to Artist for Catalog for St Barts & South Florida

Collaboration by ATB Fine Art Group Inc. is producing  an exclusive directory  of artists from Palm Beach County that will be distributed  on the island of St. Barts tourism department as well as in South Florida. The catalog is for the clients to contact the artists directly.

No commission will be paid to ATB if a sale or commission is accrued from the catalog. This is strictly a marketing tool for the artists.

Some of the areas that the catalogs will be distributed will be:

  • ·         Office of Tourism
  • ·         Real Estate offices
  • ·         Hotels
  • ·         Villas
  • ·         Yachts  

The artist will have a 2 page spread in the 8”x8” book.  LIMITED SPACE. First come first serve.

Any artist that accepts a sale or commission of art out of the USA jurisdiction, it is their responsibility to know the shipping and customs rates. Please do your research when handling all International transactions.   

Example 1 

Example 2

2021 NOT REAL ART Grant for Artists

  Apply To Receive the 2021 NOT REAL ART Grant for Artists   Deadline May 1, 2021  Submit your application at