The No More Starving Artists Foundation (NMSAF) is now accepting RFP’s for the Art Aid Micro Grant Program. Art Aid Micro Grant supports artists of all disciplines who reside solely in Palm Beach County who are presently working on projects ready for completion. The grants range from $500 up to $5000. With major support from private donors, Art Aid offers direct support to individual artists or artists’ collaborations and projects that fall outside the traditional frameworks of support.



The NMSAF Art Aid Micro Grant is open to Palm Beach County artists who meet the following requirements:

• Must be a resident of Palm Beach County or artist in residency and able to provide proof of residence.
• Must be between the ages of 18 and 85 before the application deadline.
• Must apply in only one of the eligible discipline categories.
• Must be the originators of the work. Painter, playwright, choreographer etc. . . .
• Must abide by the NMSAF Pay It Forward (PIF) Clause


• Cannot be a student or using the funds for institution-based applications, portfolios or degrees i.e. A.S., B.A. or MFA etc.
• Artist in residency that has expired resulting in no longer residing in Palm Beach County.
• Anyone under the edge of 18.

This micro grant can assist in the following:

• Purchasing materials
• Framing art for an exhibition
• Paying a stipend to an apprentice to assist in project completion
• Equipment rental
• Shipping art to installation location

Does not assist in the following:

• Food or entertainment
• Advertising cost
• Social Media promotional cost
• Gas reimbursement
• Reimbursement for any past projects. Project must be presently in work
• Applying to calls to artists

Must provide proof of project through the following:

Scanned copy of receipts
Copy of quotes from vendors
Letter of verification from event coordinator, gallerist, curator, project manager

Please note: these rules are subject to change based on the guidelines of the grant.


Artist Relief Grant 2021

Art Aid Micro Grant for visual artist