Finishing Project Micro-Grant

Congratulations to Caron Bowman and Street Art Revolution for being the of
our first Finishing project Micro-grant for their Downtown Mural Project.

We are happy to be another contributing funder to this project alongside SubcultureGroup, West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority, and the West Palm BeachArt & Entertainment District who will be securing the artists fees for this
project. We will be providing the funds that will assist in the rental of
equipment for the project.

These funds became available thanks to the generous grant from the Mandel Philanthopic Fund of the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County Inc

The project should be completed by November 2019.
Name of Project:
Downtown Mural Project

Description of Project:
This year the project will consist of 3 murals in the downtown West Palm Beach
area located at 518

Clematis and 105 South Narcissus.

The first mural will highlight the legacy of Jacqueline Kennedy. I
will be painting collaboratively with
another artist on the Jacqueline Kennedy mural. Moreover, it will celebrate the
historical impact and localities of the Kennedy presidency to Palm Beach County

The second mural “The Jam 2” is a collaborative mural
that will pay tribute to 5 iconic musicians that have
passed away. Each artist will paint one of the 5 musician portraits. The
musicians’ portraits being considered

for this year’s “Jam 2” mural are: Freddie Mercury, Amy

Tom Petty,


Hendrix, Chuck Berry,


Chris Cornell, and Janis Joplin. These musicians penetrated culture beyond
music inspiring

artists of all disciplines. (This will be the second mural in this series )

The third mural will be a celebration of