Fighting Grime in our Drains: A Public Art Event


Fighting Grime in our Drains: A Public Art Event

Seeking Local Artists

The ArtLife WPB Committee seeks Palm Beach County artists to create and paint unique designs that bring awareness to the importance of the city’s stormwater inlets.

The City of West Palm Beach’s ArtLife Committee is partnering with Public Works, Public Utilities, Sustainability, and the Community Events department to bring awareness to our downtown/Clematis Street storm water inlets. This will be a one-day public art event scheduled for Saturday, February 5th, 2022, during the city’s Green Market.

The goal of this public art project is to bring visual attention and raise awareness about the importance and function of the stormwater inlets. What goes down the drains affects our water systems: litter, trash, and cigarette butts. To start this awareness campaign, the city is focusing on the 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 blocks of Clematis Street in downtown West Palm Beach. The ArtLife Committee will select and invite five local artists (one for each block) to design and install an artwork around the storm water inlets.

THEME OF THE PROJECT: Captain Grime #H20nly

DEADLINE TO APPLY: November 30, 2021


The ArtLife WPB Committee will select five artists and each selected artist will receive $3,000, the amount is all inclusive to include: design, materials, and installation.


Open to professional visual artists over the age of 18 who reside in Palm Beach County.


Submit a one to one and half minute video about why this project would be important to you along with a professional resume (2pgs max). All applicants must submit through [email protected] Please label all documents First and Last name.

SUBMIT TO [email protected]

Subject line: “Fighting Grime with Public Art”


The ArtLife WPB Committee will review and select five qualified artists (s).

TIMELINE (Subject to Change)

Deadline: November 30, 2021

ArtLife WPB Committee Review: December 8, 2021

Artist Notification: Friday, December 10, 2021

Mandatory Site Visit – January 2022 – TBD


Must create original design (s)

Must install approved design (s)

Must work with community volunteers on application of design

Design may not contain any breach of intellectual property, brands, trademarks, or depiction of illegal activity.

Design should highlight the following themes: Stormwater pollution, environmental protection: the importance of our water system

Design must be appropriate for a public space

Final artwork must match the proposed design

Artist must work with community volunteers to implement their design

Paint must contain a non-slip additive and be pre-approved


Applicants should rely exclusively on their own site investigations for development of proposals, concepts and means and methods of installation/fabrication. This Call is being provided by the City without any warranty or representation, expressed or implied, as to its content, accuracy or completeness and no applicant or other party shall have recourse to the City if any information herein contained shall be inaccurate or incomplete.

This Call is made subject to correction of errors, omissions, or withdrawal without notice.

No warranty or representation is made by the City that any application conforming to these requirements will be selected for consideration, negotiation, or approval. The City is under no obligation to award a commission for artwork based on the applications submitted. The City may withdraw or cancel this Call at any time without any liability or obligation on the part of the City, or the CRA. In its sole discretion, the City, through its ArtLife WPB Committee may determine the qualifications of any artist submitting applications. The City and applicant will be bound only when an application, as it may be modified, is approved, and accepted by the City and the applicable contract is approved by the City Commission and executed and delivered by the artist and the City.

QUESTIONS: Contact Sybille Welter at [email protected]; Subject line: “Fighting Grime with Public Art”