Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Our Impact So Far

We are very proud to have been able to help so many artists. Though our main focus is primarily Palm Beach County Artists, we have helped many artists as well from the South Florida Region thanks to projects like Continuum Palm Beach Art Fair.

Continuum's program during the time of our participation has provided exhibition opportunities for over 300 young and professional artists.

Please review below some of the fiscal and in-kind support thus far.

Financial Impact for Artists  January 2018-September 2019 - $14,250.00
Starting the NMSAF Emergency Fund-$1100.00
Oluwarotimi O Ogundipe-Emergency Fund -$300.00
Street Art Revolution-Finishing Project Micro-Grant-$500.00
Sunfest 2019 Artists Exhibition opportunity $425.00
  • ·         Andrew Hollimon
  • ·        James Rabidoux
  • ·        Jeff Behary
  • ·        Katiana Smith
  • ·        Nicole Galluccio

Anthony Burks Sr. Honorarium request by Palm Beach Symphony- $500.00
Maria Tritico- Continuum WPB Arts 2019 Best in Show Award-$750.00
Dwight Hoffman-Continuum WPB Arts 2019 Second Place Award-$500.00
Diane Lublinski-Continuum WPB Arts 2019 Third Place Award -$300.00

Teaching artists at Continuum WPB Young Masters 2019-$750.00
Young Masters Scholarships & Awards 2019
  • ·         Marc Ludwigsen -$500.00
  • ·         Rebecca Steighner $400.00
  • ·         Morgan Neiner $400.00
  • ·         Isabel Lerman $300.00
  • ·         Gil Dickinson $300.00
  • ·         1st  Ava Romano $200.00
  • ·         2nd  Ana-Gabriella Thomidis $150.00
  • ·         3rd Katherine Hoffman $125.00

JM & the Sweets Band $800.00
Rebecca Osborne-Mélange Body Painting Competition- $500.00 2019/$400.00 2018
Eduardo Mendieta Live Art Crew $1000.00
Bryce Allyn Band $425.00
Maria Tritico- Continuum WPB Arts 2018 Best in Show Award-$500.00
Gary Kroman- Continuum WPB Arts 2018 1st Place Award $400.00
Diane Lublinski -Continuum WPB Arts 2018 Second Place Award-$300.00
Irene Jalowayski-Continuum WPB Arts 2018 People’s Choice -$100.00
Young Masters Awards 2018-$2000.00
Teaching artists at Continuum WPB Young Masters 2018-$325.00

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