Thursday, April 30, 2020

Pay It Forward Artist Warriors

Thank you so much to our artist warriors Bonnie Bruner & Jennifer Grady for your service contribution of making masks for Clinics Can Help. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Trina Slade-Burks-Sunfest Art District

Artist: Trina Slade-Burks
Artwork: Mini Doll Baby: Pearls
IG @dizeimage

Trina comes from an artistic lineage. Her multimedia influences have included creative writing, visual arts, music and theatrical artistic art disciplines, which she incorporates into her works of painting, drawing and writing poetry.  The process allows her to collaborate disciplines into a unique critical ensemble.

Anthony Burks Sr- Sunfest Art District

Artist: Anthony Burks Sr.
Artwork: Rooted Ground: Red-3 Headed Lion
IG @ampburks

Anthony Burks Sr. is one of the most unique conceptual artists in America. His paintings mix colored pencils, watercolor, pen, and ink, and are characterized by his unusual choice of colors. Whether depicting birds, animals, or people, Anthony is able to convey the intertwining of their beauty and their strength. He chooses his subjects because of what they mean to him, and he tells their stories through his combination of realistic forms, bright colors, and abstract images.

Scott Jefffries- Sunfest Art District

Artist: Scott Jefffries
Artwork: Six
IG @scottart

Scott's painting is an irreverent expression of his sub-conscience, an invitation into his brain--a place where space and form are imagined from a decidedly different angle. But even so, each piece doesn't drown in it's own abstract principles. They are anchored in the sometimes comedic, but always earnest reality of Scott Jeffries. 

Renata Rodrigues-Sunfest Art District

Artist: Renata Rodrigues
Artwork: "Sustaining Life"
IG @renatarodriguesart

Renata Rodrigues is a multimedia artist from Brazil with a Bachelor in Graphic Arts. Her art concepts come from feelings and thoughts about whatever is going on around her at the time. The art processes from beginning to end of a piece are always changing and nothing is set as a rule, so the art changes and creates itself along the way without a specific aesthetic in mind.
Renata is an artist-in-residence with the Lot 23 program and she teaches arts integration at Palm Beach County schools, adult drawing fundamentals classes and private art and swim lessons to all age groups.

Craig McInnis-Sunfest Art District

Artist: Craig McInnis
Artwork: " Hot Mama"
IG @craigmcinnisstudios

Craig doodled his way through high school and then came to Florida to attend the Art Institute. has had the opportunity to make music, record and nationally tour in numerous bands, paint many public and private murals, make fine art on canvas, illustrate, log many fun hours on Photoshop, create graphics and layouts, create storyboard art and props for motion pictures, delve deeply into set, wardrobe and character design, apprentice as a tattoo artist, teach art to teens and adults, and most recently work behind the scenes to curate, promote and produce art shows for his cohorts.

 As Co- Founder of Art Synergy and CONTINUUM he is proud to be part of a dedicated team of art professionals with the goal of promoting local art at National and International levels and facilitate access to education, art & culture to those who may not have previously had the chance.

Craig is also proud to be Creative Director of Fright Nights at the South Florida Fairgrounds. Over the past 17 years, he has done, horror make-up, graphics, talent booking, casting and management, branding, set design, scenic painting, and his fair share of getting into character.

Craig’s intent is to stay focused and to NEVER take his creative gifts for granted.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Call to Artists: Pay It Forward COVID -19 Mask Project

In Partnership with 


This project is solely for artists and designers who have sewing experience.  This is NOT an experimental project.  We want to make sure that the product can best protect the individual who is wearing them and the person who they are working with.

CDC Recommendations

Pay it Forward Service Project

Handmade Masks for Essentials Workers and their Clients in the Field

CALL TO ARTIST- A service project for Clinics Can Help that will be providing emergency supplies to the first responders and their clients during the COVID-19 Pandemic crisis.  Artists and designers will be creating masks for the organization

CALL TYPE: Pay It Forward Service Project

BUDGET: $50 + donated filters & retired medical attire provided by the partner

PUBLISHED CALL: Friday April 3, 2020


ELIGIBILITY: Open to all professional fiber artists & fashion designers who can show and are located in in Palm Beach County  

LOCATION: ClinicsCan Help- a 501(c) 3 that collect and provide medical equipment and supplies to children and adults in need in Palm Beach County, Florida.

OPPORTUNITY: To create masks during the COVID-19 Pandemic for the first responders and their clients due to the shortage of N95 masks.

Thank you for your Support
Please feel free to continue the donating 50 masks to Clinics 

Another option 

Raffle tickets for Anthony Burks’ Original Art

  Anthony Burks Sr. created a Rooted Ground Lion piece adorned with a butterfly at the bottom during the 6th Annual Art + Stroll Business fo...