Friday, August 13, 2021

Artist Relief Grant 2021

Call to Artists

Title: Artist Relief Grants 2021


To support artists still struggling during this COVID-19 crisis, the No More Starving Artists Foundation (NMSAF) has agreed to provide another round of unrestricted, emergency micro grants though ART AID.  These five $1000 micro grants will be provided to artists in Palm Beach County.

 Last year we were only able to award two of three grants who qualified.  Because of this, we were able to roll the remaining funds into another grant program and award a greater dollar amount to more artists.


·         Fee: No charge

·         Host:  NMSAF Art AID

·         Call opens  August 13, 2021

·         Deadline for submission:  August 31,2021 11:59 PM

·         Accepted Artists Announcement: TBA

      ·         Eligibility:

1.       Must reside in Palm Beach County

2.       Must be 18 years or older

3.       Open to professional artists in the following disciplines:

a)      visual artists (Painting, photography, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, fashion design, installation, murals)

b)      musicians

c)       singers

d)      dancers

e)      spoken word

4.       All artists must submit the following

a)      Updated CV/resume (Word doc or PDF format ONLY) no more than 2 pages

b)      Updated  Bio (Word doc or PDF format ONLY) no more than 2 pages 

 c)       Images/content of work that produced by artist.   Minimum of five Maximum of ten (Please note: We do not only want to see images of art by itself. We want to see the artist and public interact with art.) Example:  Sculptor creating a piece of art, patrons viewing the art, acoustic guitarist performing at a show, etc.

d)      All images must be in JPEG format. Name your images YOUR LAST NAME_TITLE OF ART. Images cannot be smaller than 150 – 300 dpi or maximum of 1 – 3 MB.  Video content needs to be submitted via YouTube link of Vimeo link. Please put the hyperlink in either Word doc or PDF format only. to

e) Write why you feel you qualify for this grant. (Word doc or PDF format ONLY) no more than two paragraphs.

f)      HOW TO APPLY

                                     Please follow the detailed instruction:

·         Log in to your account at

·         Click Create

·         Click Folder

·         Name your folder YOUR First & Last Name and you art discipline ( Example:  Joe Smith singer

·         You will see two choices for “who can access”.  Click SPECIFIC PEOPLE

·         Click Next

·         Type to

·         Keep  “ CAN EDIT”

·         Add the message. YOUR NAME  applying for Art AID grant

·         Click share

·         The folder should now be in your dashboard.

·         Click the folder

·         Click the button that says UPLOAD

·         Click files

·         Proceed to upload all your content into the folder


Any work not submitted in this format will be disqualified.  DO NOT send any of your submissions directly to us instead of through Dropbox. Any submissions sent directly us not following the guidelines will be disqualified and ineligible to proceed any further:

·         Ineligibility:

         1.       Students

         2.       Any artists who received the last round of Artist Relief funds in 2020 or Art AID in the last 12 months

        3.       Representation of a deceased artists or estates of a deceased artist.

        4.       Submissions of art to the call in any other format except

   There are no requirements as to how the funds can be spent. The only stipulation is that all artists who receive the grant must to agree to our Pay It Forward Clause (PIF). Please review the PIF guidelines.  




  1. Is there a progtam such as this in Broward?

    1. Best to contact either the
      Broward County Cultural Division or ArtServe


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