Thursday, February 29, 2024

New Call to Artists

Looking Forward CTA


The past few years have been difficult times for us all. At the same time, mental health awareness and discussions have been on the rise, with more and more conversations being had about where to find resources, how to encourage self-improvement, avoid burnout, and other such important dialogues.

While this dialogue is fantastic for the average person, what is being done for those members of our community who don’t have access to these same services, while potentially needing the most help? This exhibition seeks to bring attention to those groups who are most neglected by the mental health systems in place, such as youth in crisis, senior citizens, caregivers, and veterans.

We are seeking art made by artists who are part of these marginalized groups, or art that highlights and brings attention to this growing concern. What does mental wellness mean to you? How can we use art to promote mental health? And how can art be used to uplift those of us in society who need the most support, but receive the least?

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